Microsoft has developed Microsoft Windows Sandbox to run untrustworthy executable files or programs in an isolated, temporary, desktop environment without fearing of the potential harm the host machine. To run Windows Sandbox the host PC must support the virtualization.

Windows Sandbox come with Win 10 pro and enterprise edition having Windows 10 May 2019 update. If Windows 10 is not updated then follows this to install it: Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update

After the update of Windows click the start and type turns Windows features on or off and click enter.


Go to Control Panel>Programs> Turn Windows Features on or off

Then select the checkbox given for Windows Sandbox option from the list. Once it will clicked the required changes take place and require rebooting the PC.

To open Sandbox after the reboot, click the start button and type Sandbox in the search field. Right-click the Windows Sandbox icon and select to Run as Administrator.

A new window of Windows Sandbox opens with windows 10 environment. In this virtual environment we will get only built-in Windows apps like, Microsoft office, Microsoft edge, Mail etc.

Now finally to install a particular program in the Sandbox the program must be available in this sandbox environment. It can be done by different methods. The program can be downloaded directly from web using Microsoft edge in the Sandbox. Another way is to copy/cut the application from the host machine and paste it into the File Manger in the Windows Sandbox.

After getting application in the Sandbox we can run it and use it fully just like in a normal PC. The virtual OS in the Sandbox can be shut down just like normal OS via the Start button. We can even click the X sign in the upper right corner. Once restart/shut-down all the changes we made or application installed will forego.

When we start Windows Sandbox again it will start in a pristine manner. And this is what it is developed for. Just to test or use an application or program without fearing it remain there forever and affect the files or OS.

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